Message From Our Founder

Moving with the current market, myself and the team are proud to launch b.soleful. Our goal is to bring positive change to the footwear industry. We aim to bring high trend at affordable prices, but most importantly, leave a clean footprint on our home, Planet Earth.


Sustainable fashion is not a trend, but the future. I am making it my purpose to ensure b.soleful make a positive difference. We are sourcing all our materials in an ethical manner. We are working closely with our supply chain, ensuring they act sustainably, reducing waste and promoting fair conditions. We are in the process of working with multiple charitable organisations who share the same values on our responsibility to our Planet, and to all life.


Our mission is to create long lasting, loving relationships with our customers and partners, ensuring an environment of positive change. This high vibration of love, care and community will be felt, as each step you make leaves a clean footprint on Earth. We have an ethical duty to not only care for each other, but our planet, replacing momentary relevance with reverence, care and longevity.